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Legal Awareness Programme –
As per our experience and observation regarding our voluntary social service it has been seen that awareness plays a vital role in generating consciousness among the people for a cause to achieve a aspire.

Following are some steps taken by KUMARGRAM DUAR SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANIZATION in creating realization about awaking people regarding their thoughts, to change their basic myths, ignorance and etc.

Days Celebration Programme –
The importance of citizens’ engagement and the vital contribution of voluntary work to the well-being of society recognizing the important day celebration. The days celebration can be of any issues, but those issues which have changed our society, its initiative are the real one.

The KUMARGRAM DUAR SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANIZATION has been celebrating various Days Celebration with much fun and fare. It is has become one way to remember those personality who have contributed for our independence, our culture and arts, and those event which marked our freedom, etc.

Social Programme :-
The KUMARGRAM DUAR SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANIZATION runs various activities for social welfare purposes.  These mainly include Help to Poor Students, Help for Poor Widow, Cloth & Books Distribution, Help to Married. Other than this education for women, awareness generation projects for rural and poor women, family counseling centers, crèches for the children of working and ailing mothers, etc.

In addition to the above, the other activities of the KUMARGRAM DUAR SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANIZATION are as under :-

  • Orientation Training to the functionaries of other voluntary organizations
  • Training to the organizers of Awareness Generation Programme.
  • Demonstration Project
  • Socio Economic Programme

Beside above in time to time, KUMARGRAM DUAR SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANIZATION has stepped into or rather taken various social programmes voluntarily with the help and support of local stakeholders.

Blood Donation Camp –

Blood is the life stream of our very life. We understand its need when we are injured critically or going to have major operation at that time its requirement is felt. Our country is always in shortage of Blood, though with its second largest population it shouldn’t have been.

It is simple lack of awareness in regards to the need of blood and skepticism towards blood donation, wrong ideas that by giving blood one looses his or her vitality. We have observed that today’s modern India, in the urban region there is still misbelieve in regards to blood donation that the person may die if the or she gives blood. This concept is worst in the rural community if we compare their reluctance towards blood donation.

Health Programme:
Each year, millions of children and mothers could be saved through improved access to basic health interventions.

Those who most desperately need them - the rural poor - live in remote villages where the cost of reaching them could be five times greater than urban areas.

KUMARGRAM DUAR SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANIZATION  frequently conducts Health check-ups at remote rural areas, where medical treatment would not be otherwise possible.


  • mobilizing the patients from remote villages to camp site through van transportation,
  • providing food packets to all the patients,
  • providing logistic support to camp doctors and their team,
  • arranging the cataract patients to reach the eye hospital to undergo cataract surgery and take them back to their villages after surgery,
  • providing dark glasses and follow-up medicines to the cataract operated patients.

Participation at the camps and all the surgeries are absolutely free of cost for the patients.


Cultural Activities –
The culture of India has been shaped by the long history of India, its unique geography and the absorption of customs, traditions and ideas from some of its neighbours as well as by preserving its ancient heritages, which were formed during the Indus Valley Civilization and evolved further during the Vedic age, rise and decline of Buddhism, Golden age, Muslim conquests and European colonization. India's great diversity of cultural practices, languages, customs, and traditions are examples of this unique co-mingling over the past five millennium. The various religions and traditions of India that were created by these amalgamations have influenced other parts of the world too.

`It is vital for an individual to excel not only intellectually, but also socially, physically, and emotionally, which can only be achieved by linking education with culture, and at the same time keeping pace with rapidly changing technology. For education to be effective and result-oriented, it has to be culture based, and it must take into account the cognitive, emotional and spiritual needs of the student.

The KUMARGRAM DUAR SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANIZATION recognised the need of culture-based education. The role of culture in developing democratic citizenship is the prime requirement for a developing country. Knowledge of culture plays a prominent role in democratic thinking: a democratic citizen is known for his ability to sift truth from false and he/she is more receptive to new ideas. True culture also brings clarity of thought, compassion and concern for mankind and is a basis for human rights.

In believing this simple truth, KUMARGRAM DUAR SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANIZATION has taken up many initiatives to promote and encourage our rich culture mainly based in the rural areas.

Following are some of the programmes which are been encouraged till date;

  • Annual Cultural Programme
  • Netaji's Birth Day
  • 15th August


Likewise, KUMARGRAM DUAR SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANIZATION give emphasize on folk culture Folk culture refers related the localized lifestyle of a culture. It is usually handed down through oral tradition related to a sense of community, and demonstrates the "old ways" over novelty. Folk culture is quite often imbued with a sense of place. If its elements are copied by, or removed to, a foreign locale, they will still carry strong connotations of their original place of creation. It is a very effective and popular cultural media for disseminating messages among the community people.




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