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About Us

There is a say that educate a man & you educate an individual; educate a women & you educate a family. Status of its women indicates the development of a society. In countries like India, women have been traditionally kept under social shackles, without any freedom of expression or mobility. Considering the critical improve of empowerment of women to attain social development.

KUMARGRAM DUAR SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANIZATION has been working towards betterment of marginalized since many years. Empowerment & education to underprivileged has been the slogan of KUMARGRAM DUAR SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANIZATION to ensure the proper balance & strength of the rural community. A number of specific action projects like capacity building, awareness camp, Socio legal and the counseling advocacy, etc. have been introduced, aiming at women's education & her direct control over resources. Women themselves decide all the plans & programme to empower women.

The mission of the KUMARGRAM DUAR SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANIZATION is to contribute to the improvement of healthy, wealthy rural people through the pursuit of excellence in awareness building, sensitization, vocational training and integrated development activities in rural sector. To achieve this mission the Sangha will enhance its role as :
- Integrated development and service agency
- A leading institution in rural West Bengal for research development in socio and economic development.
- And national center of excellence in Agriculture and Horticulture activities along with basic health care delivery especially to Mother and Child Development Programme

Our Vision

A world where our poor brothers and sisters grow up to be productive, caring citizens of our rural society.

Our Mission

Advancing the human rights and dignity of young people around the rural society. The KUMARGRAM DUAR SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANIZATION (KUMARGRAM DUAR SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANIZATION) pursues its mission by :

• Supporting innovative community – based programme s that serve some of the societies most vulnerable section; and
• Education the public through a vibrant community education and outreach program, including Vocational Training – Income Generation Programme venture, that helps people value their place in the society.


To strengthen people's movement for their empowerment through critical awareness and mobilize them against various from of social and economic deprivation and motivate them to take independent decision to solve their problem.

Area of Operation

The villages under the jurisdiction of the KUMARGRAM DUAR SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANIZATION have Village Committee in the G.P.s. The Village committees are involved in planning programmes, commensuration with the needs of the area, identify the beneficiaries, supervise and monitor the implementation. The programme planning evolved by the Village Committee is placed before the Executive Committee for rectification and modification if need be, with reference to the availability of resources.

In this way, we have striven to ensure the involvement of the beneficiaries at all levels beginning from programme planning to evaluation of the programme.


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